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Multiple Teeth Dental Implants

Multiple Teeth Dental ImplantsMultiple teeth dental implants may consist of individual implants for each tooth to be replaced. In the alternative, when two or more teeth in a row are missing, a dental bridge may be attached to implants for a more permanent and secure option over fixed dental bridges or dentures.

Unlike dentures, dental implants and implant supported bridges stay in place for better functioning and a more natural appearance. There is no risk of slipping and no need for removal for comfort or cleaning.

Multiple teeth dental implants have advantages over traditional fixed bridges and partial dentures as well. There is no need to attach implants to nearby teeth for support. This provides a more natural look and a more secure foundation. Also, with implant supported bridges there is no need to cause damage to surrounding teeth as with fixed dental bridges.

Unlike other dental replacement options, dental implants are placed directly into the bone. This helps to keep the bone from degenerating where the missing tooth was.

When placing a bridge that will be secured through the use of implants, the dentist will insert two or more screws or cylinders into the jaw bone where the original tooth root was secured. In a process called osseointegration, the screws will be given time to fuse with the jaw bone. This fusion typically takes from two to six months. A second step may be required to attach extensions to the screw roots of the implants. If this step is needed, another week or two will be required for the gums to heal. Multiple teeth dental implants will be attached to the screw extensions for permanent tooth replacement.

Talk with our Los Angeles dental implants provider to see if you might be a good candidate for replacing multiple teeth with implants or for more information.

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