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Dental Implants Cost

Dental Implants CostSome people may not consider dental implant procedures to replace missing teeth due to concerns over the cost of the procedure. While dental implants cost may be initially higher than some other treatment options, the advantages and benefits may actually pay for themselves over the long term.

Implants are more like natural teeth than other tooth replacement options. They look and function just like natural teeth. Implants are more secure than other options because they are fused directly with the jaw bone during the natural healing process. There is less risk of breakage and no special cleaning supplies are needed beyond your regular hygiene routine.

With dentures or false teeth, whether full plates or partials, the bone is no longer used where the missing tooth or teeth used to be. This results in degradation of bone tissue, often resulting in a sunken look to the facial structure.

The placement of fixed dental bridges offers a somewhat secure solution to missing teeth but may result in problems with surrounding teeth. The teeth that are on either side of the gap created from missing teeth need to be prepared for fixed bridge placement. The surrounding teeth are ground down before the bridge is cemented in place. This procedure weakens the surrounding teeth, making them more susceptible to future damage and decay.

With dentures or fixed bridges, any remaining teeth may be harder to care for, especially at the gum line. This may result in increased risk of decay, infection, or periodontal gum disease. All of this can lead to costly dental work that is greater than dental implants costs.

To discuss how dental implants cost may be more beneficial to you in the long run, make an appointment with Los Angeles dental implants expert for the recommendations that are best for you.

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